Additional Education Faculty - Karaganda Buketov University



candidate of biological sciences

Tel.: +7 7212 35-62-56
28, Universitetskaya str., building №2,
offices № 204

The faculty organizes the process of improving the qualifications of university employees and external stakeholders, ensures the relevant retraining programs development and training of students of the preparatory department (развернуть). The faculty offers an online format for attending courses.

The faculty reports to the vice-rector for strategic development.

The faculty offers two Foundation programs
  1. Program for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan wishing to get training for the UNT. The cost of training is 150,000 tenge.
  2. Program for persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of Kazakhstan and who arrived from abroad. Preparation for UNT on the history of Kazakhstan, Mathematical literacy, Literacy in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The programs are designed for 9 months, from October 1 to June 31.

You can contact the faculty for participation in advanced training programs as a student or author of a course, as well as for advice on admission to the preparatory department.