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doctor of Chemical Sciences
corresponding Member of NAS RK

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The Chemistry Faculty was founded in 1972. It has a history, well-known graduates and developed international relations.

The Chemistry Faculty provides training of Bachelors, Masters and Doctors PhD with fundamental knowledge and capable of effective implementation of innovations in the field of chemical industry, science and education.

Graduates can teach in schools, colleges, universities; work as junior researchers in research and design industry institutes; as specialists at enterprises for the processing of oil, gas, coal and polymers, elastomers, paints and varnishes, propellants, solid and liquid rocket fuels; for the production and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials and their rational use; at defense enterprises.

The faculty has an experienced teaching staff with academic degrees and titles.

The faculty includes 4 departments: Department of Organic Chemistry and Polymers, Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Department of Inorganic and Technical Chemistry, Department of Chemical Technology and Petrochemistry. The faculty has 2 research institutes and an accredited engineering laboratory.